I need your help and support…

Help us help our Greatest Generation Veterans — The Iwo Jima Association of America (IJAA) has formed a team of ten (10) Marine Corps Marathon participants. To that end, I have pledged to challenge my 77 year-old body to begin and finish this event at the Iwo Jima Memorial on 31 October in Arlington, VA. Please note I did not say “run”. I shall run, jog, trudge, walk and crawl as necessary to finish.

The purpose of this 26.2 mile challenge is to raise funds to assist our Iwo Jima veterans to return to the island for which they sacrificed so much.

IJAA hosts an annual trip to Iwo Jima for a solemn Reunion of Honor with the Japanese Government as a Memorial to both sides, to strengthen the ties between former adversaries, now strong allies, and to perpetuate the legacy of that iconic battle.

These veterans are in their 90s, many still able to travel but on fixed incomes and can ill-afford the cost. With your help, we can fulfill their desire to return.

I ask for you help to make that happen. Should you choose to support, you may do so on line at: or you may make out a check to IJAA (Marathon) and send to Iwo Jima Association of America, PO Bo 680, Quantico, VA 22134.

Thank you and...Semper Fidelis,

Art (aka Mad Mex) Sifuentes
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